Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Wind, Hail, and Storm Damage - SC Roofing Pros Fix It Fast

Your Roof Damage May be Covered by Insurance

Your company’s insurance provider recognizes that a roof is essential to protecting your commercial facility’s value. If your property was impacted by unexpected damages, as from one of South Carolina’s strong wind events, your roof could be covered fully by your property insurance.

By filing a proper damage claim that clearly documents all the repair or replacement work necessary, SC Roofing Pros can help you get the funds you need for a full roof restoration. We’ll help you with any questions you have about the filing process.


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SC Roofing Pros Knows Insurance Claims

How SC Roofing Pros Helps with Insurance Claims

The first step is a Roof Inspection. Call SC Roofing Pros to schedule an appointment for an inspection. Together, we can contact your insurance company to report a claim properly, including all the necessary images, descriptions of damages and other documentation.

SC Roofing Pros will prepare a detailed report of all roof conditions, itemizing each needed repair or substantiating a complete roof replacement.

We will meet with your insurance company adjuster to discuss the storm damage repairs, including damage from hail, wind, excessive precipitation and/or from flying or falling debris.

SC Roofing Pros will review the estimate that your insurance company drafts and we will make sure it covers all the damage and associated repair costs.

We will sit down with you to start the material selection process leading up to the installation of your new roof, gutters, siding, and accessories made necessary by the storm damage.

SC Roofing Pros will finalize the scope of work and costs, making sure that your insurance funds pay for every allowable, post-deductible expense.

We will schedule a convenient date for the restoration project to start.

SC Roofing Pros submits the appropriate documentation to your insurance company so you walk away with a fully-restored property at minimal expense, as applicable.

SC Roofing Pros Helps with Insurance Claims

If your property has been damaged, don’t let problematic issues sit unaddressed… Moisture can begin to penetrate areas of your roof, destroy what lies underneath the roof covering, and reach interior walls and ceilings. Instead, contact SC Roofing Pros right away.

We serve property owners, managers in communities throughout Barnwell, Aiken, Bamberg, Orangeburg, and Allendale counties, South Carolina, as well as Richmond and Burke counties in Georgia.

Call SC Roofing Pros whenever your roof needs repair or replacement.


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